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Any of the options below may be pursued domestically or internationally, on its own, or in combination with others.

Group-based cultural immersion or experiential programs (domestic or international)  °  Internship or skill based experienced  °  Service learning/volunteering  °  Work in exchange for room and board  ° Personal travel  ° Employment

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A Smorgasborg of Options

A Gap Away clients have been all over the map, near and far, with experiences ranging from travel to service to building a skill.  Activities Sandy recommends are personalized to your goals and vetted by her–in some cases, by a site visit.

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Interested in a political or issues-based gap year? Sandy helped to develop the website "Election 2020 Gap Year" to help young activists get started planning their "gaptivist" year. Check it out!

  • Yoga teacher training in Thailand.
  • Safari Field Guide Certification in South Africa. Track wildlife, study the stars, flora, and fauna.
  • Intern in on Capitol Hill or volunteer on a political campaign.
  • Volunteer at scarlet macaw research center in Costa Rica. Build your Spanish in the process.
  • Study pottery in the French Alps and provide support to the elderly master.
  • Assist in elementary grade classrooms at home or around the world. Recent clients have been to Guatemala, Peru, and Nepal.
  • Teach yourself programming and develop an App.
  • Study for your TESOL certificate and teach English abroad.
  • Live with a group of gap year interns in Sydney, Australia. Build independent living, travel and work skills.
  • Work! Earning money and building good employment skills is a common component of a gap year.
  • Travel in Italy with a group of like-minded young adults, taking in cultural sites and lectures along the way.
  • Get your ski instructor certification and teach at resorts in Canada, or elsewhere.
  • Learn to scuba dive and volunteer in marine research.
  • Live on a kibbutz in Israel and volunteer with individuals with disabilities.
  • Intern at children’s bookstore and explore your interest in the literary world.
  • Travel through New Zealand and Australia with a group of environmentally engaged gappers.
  • Live among monks in Thailand. Meditate and teach English.
  • Live with a family in Spain, France or Italy and provide conversational coaching for their children.
  • Explore Patagonia, mountains and culture.
  • Study photography. Self-teach, intern, or take workshops at home and abroad.
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail, the Camino de Santiago, or more.
  • Live and study art in Greece.
  • Learn Portuguese while living/working with a local Brazilian painting crew here in the US. Use your earnings to travel to Brazil and visit their families.
  • Intern at an agricultural center in New Zealand.
  • Study martial arts in China.

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I was a wreck when I was admitted to college as a winter admit and felt so supported by Sandy. She understood it was a big adjustment to be planning a gap semester out of the blue. In her Gap 101 session she helped me, and my parents, begin to see that I'd been given a gift.
Sandy coached me on how to plan a gap year. At first it seemed like a lot of effort, but she gave me the tools to use and it worked. I learned how to research and plan a trip (to Europe and Morocco) in a way I'd never really done before.
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