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A Gap Away is a member of the Gap Year Association and meets GYA’s high standards for responsible advising. Additionally, Sandy Storer is a member of the Independent Education Consultants Association and the National Association of Social Workers.


A Gap Away welcomes students and clients of diverse backgrounds, whether related to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, politics, socio-economic status, or age. Developing respect and tolerance for different perspectives is an essential component of most gap year experiences.

cost sensitive

Planning and experiencing a gap year should not be a privilege only available to the wealthy. Many students fund their gap year experience out of their own earnings and savings. Sandy's fee structure and program recommendations take affordability and sound financial planning into account.


Sandy is an independent, single practioner and accepts no commissions or other perks from any gap year programs. Her program recommendations are soley based upon fit with the gapper's vision, goals, and budget.


Many gappers are drawn to an element of public service as a gap year goal. A Gap Away provides resources about responsible service ethics to students. Any service placement recommendations are founded upon ethical guidelines for appropriate service among various populations.

Customer reviews

What do people say?

Sandy helped me understand that planning with goals in mind would make my gap year more valuable. Before meeting with her I wasn't clear with myself about why I wanted to take a gap year - I just knew I needed a break. Sandy taught me to evaluate volunteer programs and to understand the impact the experience would have. She really does help to "make it meaningful."
A gap away alum
We did our own research, and attended gap year fairs but it only left us with piles of brochures. I went online to look for help and found Sandy. I liked that she had experience as a therapist. She totally "got" my son very quickly, then put together a list of possibilities she thought might be a fit for him. It was reassuring that she knew people who attended AND ran the programs. I definitely recommend Sandy as a gap year advisor.

Coaching services for a purposeful and self-directed year of personal growth and fun.  Located outside of Boston, MA, A Gap Away is also available for advising via telephone and video.  

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