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GAP YEAR coaching


Sandy Storer's "A Gap Away" coaching services help students design a purpose-filled gap year to realize personal goals and growth.

Your gap year experience should be as individual as you are.  Ensuring that this year is spent in worthwhile and rejuvenating ways takes self-reflection, research, and planning.  Sandy will provide you with the tools to plan your gap year and coach you on how to use them, making the process straightforward and downright enjoyable.  In manageable steps, Sandy’s approach will help you:

  • Set personal goals for your gap year.
  • Develop a vision to guide your choices.
  • Identify meaningful opportunities, experiences, or programs.
  • Feel empowered to plan and execute your own gap year.



Sandy’s personalized, purpose-driven approach to gap year coaching empowers you to develop your vision, own your experience, and choose how much coaching is right for you.

A "visionary" approach

Planning a gap year should be an exciting and dynamic part of the gap year itself! You'll begin with defining why you want to take a gap year and craft a vision statement to drive a meaningful outcome. Sandy's coaching model introduces you to tools and skills that will carry forward into your gap year and beyond. Her goal is to empower you and your family with an approach that's purpose driven and enjoyable.

A Little or A lot

Sandy tailors her coaching to meet you wherever you are. When it comes to planning a gap year, every client is different in terms of familiarity, preparedness, and more. This is why Sandy's services are structured so you can decide how much coaching fits for you, providing the right level of support to get you on your way. The fee structure is based hourly and allows you to work within your own budget and at your own pace.

A Letter From Sandy...

You might be wondering if we are a good fit.  A lot plays into that, but at the core, I have two guiding principles that might help you decide.  First, I believe strongly that a guiding vision for your gap year will help you maximize the meaningfulness of the experience.  I will work with you to craft that vision.  Second, I want this to be your self-directed gap year, and I will coach you on how to achieve that.  It’s creative, it’s work, and we’ll have fun together. 

My approach to coaching is informed by my experiences as a social worker, personal quester, and world traveler.  Time spent pursuing personal growth has enriched my own life and my family’s, and I’m eager to share my expertise and insight.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting your vision for an exciting, growth-filled year.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Accredited Gap Year Association Consultant Badge

A trusted professional

Sandy is proud to be one of the select few professional gap year consultants accredited by the Gap Year Association for her decades of experience and demonstrated excellence in the field of Gap Year counseling, having passed all required Standards for ethical, responsible practices and risk management in gap year education.  

What's your thing?

Whether you’re a world traveler or drawn to explorations closer to home, there’s an activity, approach, or program that’s right for you.  Sandy’s clients have done it all:  from service work or pursuing a skill or passion, to traveling and working to earn money.

Customer reviews

What do people say?

With the help of Sandy Storer’s A Gap Away program, we collaboratively created a plan that fostered extraordinary growth in one year, more than a year of college could possibly do. Our son experienced an incredible gain in executive functioning skills and emotional maturity.
While I was abroad Sandy was always available if I needed advice, had some plans to adjust, or if I just wanted to check in. She's incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, and always had the perfect advice. She also knew when to let me learn my own lessons and be independent, which is an important balance to get right.

Coaching services for a purposeful and self-directed year of personal growth and fun.  Located outside of Boston, MA, A Gap Away is also available for advising via telephone and video.  

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